I currently have three tiers of coaching options to fit your needs and budget. ALL tiers are currently available! Please read the descriptions below to find the best option for you!

1:1 Personal Coaching

1:1 coaching is offered in the form of weekly 20-25 minute phone calls. On these calls, I provide you with support, accountability, encouragement, insight that I learned on my own journey, and strategies to address your unique struggles and needs. Our sessions are highly personalized and focus on your unique areas of struggle. My fee for 1:1 coaching is $200/month. There is no long term commitment, we just go month by month as needed. Coaching is an investment, but it’s not forever. It is a tool to get you started, or get you out of a rut, or to get you believing that you CAN. There is no shame in needing help. I would not have been successful in my journey without employing valuable partners along the way. If you are interested in 1:1 personal coaching, email me directly to get started!

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There is nothing like personalized 1:1 support, but I’m very aware that not everyone can afford it. With that in mind, I put together two types of online group coaching- Private Group, and Live Stream Only.

Private Group Coaching

Private Group Coaching includes weekly Live streamed coaching sessions with me that focus on various topics that are common challenges on the journey, such as emotional eating, navigating social situations, stress management, staying motivated, etc. The group also offers ongoing support for each other throughout the week, with the opportunity to build relationship with me and with each other. The cost of private group coaching is $49.99/month. There is currently only one private group available, which meets on Wednesdays at 5:30pm pacific, 8:30pm eastern.

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Live Stream Only Coaching

Live Stream Only coaching is now offered for just $12/month!! This format offers the same 30 minute topical sessions and is streamed Live via my website. This format does not include any group support or personal support from me throughout the week. This is a great, economical option for personal growth and development of skills for a successful journey.

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* All tiers of coaching are billed monthly on the same date that you joined. You are able to cancel at any time, but be aware that unused portions of the month will not be refunded.